How do web hosting service providers enhance SEO performance?

When choosing a web hosting site, many site owners and webmasters are interested in whether the choice of hosting provider affects the SEO performance of the site. There are many opinions on this issue.  Absolutely there are a few points that the provider may indirectly affect. Below are some of them.  Site availability The main purpose of web hosting is to provide search engines and users with access to the site. If the site is unavailable, the search robot cannot index it. This may lead to the first drop of several pages from the search index, and then the entire site.   The Uptime parameter shows the average server uptime in normal mode (without crashing). This indicator should be at least 98%, a good Uptime is 99.9%. The higher this parameter, the greater the guarantee that your site will always be accessible to search bots and users. Accordingly, the position of the site in search results, nothing will affect.

Site loading speed

Site loading speed also affects its accessibility for users and search engines. If the site is loaded for a very long time, search robots will consider it to be of lower quality and, as a result, show it lower below in the results of the issue.

Two factors on a server can affect the speed of a site:

  • Response Time

The lower the response time (ping), the faster the site will load. However, keep in mind that high-load projects will take longer to upload than sites with multiple images.

  • Performance

Pay attention to the equipment that the hosting provider uses. The shorter the time it takes for the server to process and generate information for a request from a specific site, the better it will be rated by search robots. Sites running on good servers, and having a quality back-end infrastructure that is able to efficiently transmit content, get higher positions on the pages with search results. Typically, the availability of productive equipment is typical for hosting providers offering paid services, since the cost of modern servers that provide good response time is quite high. Free hosting services do not always imply the use of equipment at the same high level.  Thus, for serious projects that are important ranking in search engines, it is recommended instead of free hosting to choose paid, as the download speed of your site on it will be higher.

Methods to improve the speed of loading the site

Before you start optimizing page load speeds, you should perform a full technical audit of the site. It is impossible to get excellent SEO results without eliminating various failures and failures, so a thorough site survey is considered the starting point for any activities that will be carried out by an SEO specialist. You can predict the speed of the site loading at the web development stage, having carefully studied the nuances of the selected page layout. If it comes to redesign, it is recommended to build on the current indicators of the site, using proven SEO tools to regulate the download parameters.  Statistics for web analytics and SEO strategy development are provided by search engines. In Google, recommendations regarding the speeding up of the site are provided by PageSpeed Insights (the link indicated above). The download time of pages in Yandex can be checked in the Metric service. Additionally, you can use programs and online utilities that examine the download speed of individual URLs.

The impact of quality web hosting on the download speed of the site The choice of high-quality hosting is an important aspect of web development, which affects the speed of loading pages on the site. Problems with the provider can lead to systematic errors. Sometimes this leads to a temporary loss of access to the site. As a result, the traffic rate is significantly reduced.

Recommendations for web hosting selection:

  • Make a deal with a reliable partner with experience in servicing large sites. Select only the required services.
  • Refuse useless additional services.
  • Use the server that is in close proximity to site visitors.
  • Examine the software and hardware provided by the host.
  • Discuss technical support and project administration with a company representative.
  • Coordinate the parameters of the application of the system of protection against viruses, hacker, and DDoS attacks.

The easiest way to check the quality of hosting is to visit several web sites that are served by the company in question. Special utilities will allow you to check the download speed of these sites. As a result, careful preparation for cooperation with hosting will increase the speed of loading pages of your WEB-project and search robots will appreciate it.

Server neighbors It is very important that on the server where your site is located there are no spammers, phishing sites, as well as resources distributing malicious software. The list of sites on a specific IP can be viewed using specialized resources.  SEO dependence on web hosting

We have listed 3 main points that are worth paying attention to.

Even the most reliable hosting provider will not advance your resource in search engines unless you make extra SEO efforts.

However, choosing poor-quality hosting, it will be more difficult to promote your resource.

We recommend choosing a stable hosting service with reliable service.


we can say that not the hosting itself, but its quality, reliability and speed still affect the SEO site.

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